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Pongal Palette: 7 Vibrant Kanjivaram Sarees to Illuminate Your Celebrations

12 Jan 2024
Pongal Palette: 7 Vibrant Kanjivaram Sarees to Illuminate Your Celebrations

As the Pongal festival approaches, ushering in a season of joy, traditions, and celebrations, the choice of attire becomes a pivotal element in the preparations, especially for weddings. In the landscape of Tamil Nadu, nothing quite exudes the richness of tradition like the exquisite Kanjivaram sarees. In this blog, we'll explore seven stunning Kanjivaram sarees perfect for a Pongal celebration from BM Silks – a renowned destination for those seeking the perfect blend of quality, craftsmanship, and affordability.


1. Classic Red Splendor - 'Ratna Red' from BM Silks:
  • A classic red Kanjivaram saree, named 'Ratna Red,' with intricate gold zari work.
  • Styling Tips: Pair this timeless piece with a contrasting green or gold blouse to highlight the richness of the red. Opt for traditional gold jewelry, such as a statement neckpiece and bangles, to complete the look.
2. Mystical Maroon Elegance - 'Divya Maroon' by BM Silks:
  • Deep maroon Kanjivaram saree with contrasting temple border and pallu, known as 'Divya Maroon.'
  • Styling Tips: Complement this enchanting piece with a heavily embroidered blouse in gold or maroon. Add a maang tikka and traditional jhumkas for an extra touch of mystique.
3. Emerald Green Enchantment - 'Haritha Green' at BM Silks:
  • 'Haritha Green,' an emerald green Kanjivaram saree featuring peacock motifs in gold zari work.
  • Styling Tips: Explore a blouse in gold or blue to enhance the traditional charm. Add a waist belt and temple jewelry for a touch of regality.
4. Royal Blue Radiance - 'Neela Nirvana' from BM Silks:
  • 'Neela Nirvana,' a royal blue Kanjivaram saree with intricate silver zari detailing.
  • Styling Tips: Opt for a contrasting silver blouse to create a striking effect. Elevate the royal allure with a nose ring and silver anklets.
5. Sunshine Yellow Serenity - 'Amara Yellow' at BM Silks:
  • 'Amara Yellow,' a bright yellow Kanjivaram saree with intricate gold motifs.
  • Styling Tips: Pair it with a heavily embroidered blouse in gold or yellow from BM Silks. Choose floral jewelry for a fresh and vibrant look, perfect for Pongal celebrations.
6. Orange Opulence - 'Kumkum Orange' from BM Silks:
  • 'Kumkum Orange,' an orange Kanjivaram saree with gold zari border and paisley motifs.
  • Styling Tips: Opt for a contrasting blouse in red or gold from BM Silks. Add a bindi and intricate gold bangles to enhance the opulence.
7. Pastel Harmony - 'Sundara Pastels' at BM Silks:
  • 'Sundara Pastels,' a pastel Kanjivaram saree in shades of pink or lavender with subtle zari work.
  • Styling Tips: Keep the look soft and elegant with a minimalistic blouse in a similar pastel shade from BM Silks. Add delicate pearl jewelry for a touch of sophistication.

Kanchipuram Silk Sarees with Price in Your Range

Understanding the pricing of Kanchipuram silk sarees is crucial, and BM Silks excels in offering a wide range to suit every budget. The prices are influenced by factors like silk purity, weaving intricacy, and design uniqueness. At BM Silks, you can find a perfect blend of quality and affordability, ensuring that your dream Kanjivaram saree is within reach.

One of the Best Silk Saree Shops in Kancheepuram - BM Silks

Our distinguished Silk Saree Shop in Kancheepuram is renowned for its exquisite collection, offering a seamless blend of tradition and contemporary elegance. Explore the store for a curated selection of Kanjivaram sarees for weddings that cater to different tastes and budgets.

In conclusion, as you prepare for the radiant Pongal celebrations, let BM Silks be your destination for exquisite Kanjivaram sarees. From classic reds to pastel harmonies, the curated collection ensures that your wedding attire resonates with tradition and elegance. Visit BM Silks and explore the timeless allure of Kanchipuram silk sarees, making your Pongal wedding truly memorable.



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